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                                            "SERENITY" Herbal Blend  


                             3 Pre-Rolls Created to relax and soothe you


Smoke this blend to achieve peace of mind after experiencing anxiety or stress. You can also smoke before bed to produce a better quality of rest


  • Damiana- to lessen anxiety and generate euphoria
  • Mugwort- to assist with restlessness and irritability. It relaxes your nervous system and reduces tension
  • Rose Petals- to induce peace and boost mood
  • Lavender- to assist with nervousness and insominia. It puts your mind and body in a rested state
  • Calendula- to calm the muscles. It's also antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti inflammatory
  • Blue Lotus- to relieve stress and stimulate a higher state of consciousness

"Serenity" Herbal Blend

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