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                                            "DREAMLAND" Herbal Blend  


                             3 Pre-Rolls Created to relax and soothe you


Smoke this blend to amplify your visions and dreams. Try it before sleeping to assist with Dream recall, prior to meditating to strengthen intuition, or while simply relaxing and daydreaming.


  • Mullein - promotes a relaxed feeling and soothes the lungs
  • Mugwort - activates higher levels of consciousness and sharpens dream recollection
  • Nettles - cleanses the lungs and clears the mind
  • Peppermint - improves and increases mental capacity while relaxing the nervous system
  • Blue Lotus - activates the Crown and 3rd Eye Chakra encouraging a lucid dream state
  • Chamomile - known for its calming effect on the mind and body; promotes deep sleep

"Dreamland" Herbal Blend

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